Albatron PX915GD Pro II ITE IDE RAID Driver UPDATE

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Albatron PX915GD Pro II ITE IDE RAID Driver

Albatron's PXP Pro features Intel's P Express chipset, which Onboard IDE RAID, 2 – IDE RAID channels supporting Ultra ATA plate; ITE RAID Controller User's Manual; PXP/PXG Series User Manual. Today, we're taking a look at Albatron's iG entry, the PXG Pro. 1 x PS/2 Mouse 6 x Audio I/O 1 x Video Output 4 x USB , 2 x RJ Port. . These two connectors are controlled by the ITE IDE RAID controller, as the ICH6R only. DIMM slots; this motherboard doesn't support any DDR-2 modules at all. Like Albatron's motherboard, EPoX uses the IG GMCH. The 5EGA+ adds the ITE ITF two channel IDE RAID controller chip that is and Motherboard Roundup - Page 3 [Albatron PXG Pro] · and

Albatron PX915GD Pro II ITE IDE RAID Driver for Windows 10

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Albatron PX915GD Pro II ITE IDE RAID Driver

Albatron PX915GD Pro II ITE IDE RAID Vista

Next up, we have the Peripherals menu. The peripherals menu houses all of the options to control enabling or disabling integrated devices such as LAN, Audio, Serial Ports, Parallel Ports, and Albatron PX915GD Pro II ITE IDE RAID the occasion the kitchen sink as well. Okay, maybe not quite that much but you get the point. This menu has two options available for a warning signal when the case has been opened, and another for the CPU FAN temperature.

This window shows off the various temperature readings given by the motherboard, as well as fan RPM and voltage readings. As we slowly upped the voltage though, we were able to attain higher speed settings for the FSB, but at a serious cost.

We took out our external temperature gauge and found that near the core, the Northbridge heatsink was hitting 65C! The first benchmark that we ran was to determine Arithmetic performance of the PXG Pro in comparison to an array of iX and iP motherboards. The story is repeated once again when it comes to FPU Multimedia performance. Finally, we have the Memory benchmark.

Using our very own in-house benchmark, MBReview PriBench uses a computationally intensive algorithm to compute several hundred millions of prime integers. Unlike other synthetic benchmarks which rely on additional components within a computer system like the hard drive, PriBench does not rely on any of these exterior devices for the tests. PriBench is a system level benchmark, solely utilizing the performance of the processor and memory subsystem. Our program is extremely accurate as we have witnessed time fluctuations of approximately.

Next in line for our benchmarking results, we find ScienceMark 2. For this benchmarking suite, Albatron PX915GD Pro II ITE IDE RAID decided to take a look at the performance results achieved with MemBench to analyze latency times as well as bandwidth.

Albatron PXG Pro

The PXG Pro posts a hairline lead for latency time, though both boards come in with matched cycles. These two boards could battle Albatron PX915GD Pro II ITE IDE RAID and forth for the remaining benchmarks, but I suspect the PXG Pro will come out on top most. This is a gorgeous benchmark and can place some serious strain on any system.

For our benchmarking purposes, we ran the default test at x x 32 with no anti-aliasing or anisotropic filtering enabled. Much as I expected heading into this benchmark, we find the PXG Pro taking a miniscule performance lead of roughly.

Albatron PX915G Pro

In order to remove any sort of graphics bottleneck from our results, we chose to go with the standard x resolution for our tests. The last benchmark for the day, Unreal Tournamentshows us some very interesting results. For this test, we once again ran the benchmark in x mode in order take the graphics card out of the equation as far as results go.

Albatron PX915GD Pro II ITE IDE RAID Download Drivers

Albatron PX915GD Pro II ITE IDE RAID This motherboard offered up a pretty decent feature set given the market it is going to be aimed at. Unlike many manufacturers, Albatron has not thrown the floppy connector down to the bottom of the PCB, rather they have left it near the ATX power connection higher up on the board. This board offers up all that is needed for the market it is targeted at, though I wish Albatron would include some extra items in with their packaging.

Albatron offers up superior documentation with all of their products, but sometimes the package can be lacking, i. The main strength of the PXG Pro is its solid performance, and excellent design. The downsides though, fall under overclocking and BIOS tweaks. Although there are enough tweaks to please most users, high-performance users looking for an iG option might want to look at other options first if memory adjustments are a requirement. The PXG Pro also requires a high Northbridge voltage to attain high-end overclocking speeds, something that will only add serious heat to your system, and at 65C, lower the lifespan of your system should Albatron PX915GD Pro II ITE IDE RAID be run under stressful situations.

To start things off, we have the various documentation items for the PXG Pro. Much like what we often see from the likes of Gigabyte in the past, and ABIT as of recent times, Albatron has chosen to include a fold-out, color installation guide. This guide has a large portrayal of the motherboard on the front cover with all of the vital components and connectors labeled. As we progressed through reading the installation guide, we found that it is quite good in making sure to cover all of the important points that a first time builder would need to know.

This chipset supports most of the full fledged features with some limitations. The Serial ATA ports only function in a base mode, just like standard IDE ports do, so if you are thinking of two drives in a Matrix array, this motherboard is not Albatron PX915GD Pro II ITE IDE RAID answer. Intel High Definition Audio is supported and provides up to 8 channels of excellent audio quality, without taxing the CPU as much as traditional AC'97 audio systems tend to do.

Passive cooling on the ICH6 is more than adequate as the ICH to the touch was only slightly warm when under full load. Albatron uses the Realtek RTL 8 channel audio codec for its onboard sound system. While you may not recognise this chip, it is the same one that Gigabyte uses on its motherboards, only it is named GigaRAID.

Albatron Mars PXG Pro Motherboard Review -

While the locks are there, you won't be able to use them at this stage - hopefully a BIOS update will fix these problems in the near future. This means that a 2. NB voltage is the voltage supplied to the MCH.

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