Billion BiPAC 643 Drivers for Windows Mac

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Billion BiPAC 643 Driver

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Billion BiPAC 643 Drivers Windows XP

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Billion BiPAC 643 Driver

Billion BiPAC 643 you are using the default settings you should change them to increase security and prevent unathorized access to your network. You can always try the manuals where most questions should be answered from the manufacturer.

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Enter the information provided by your ISP. Select the encapsulation format, this is provided by your ISP.

If you want to establish a PPPoA session only when there is a packet requesting access to the Internet i. Auto-disconnect the broadband firewall gateway when there is no activity on the line for a predetermined period of Billion BiPAC 643. Page 46 Internet directly, the NAT function can be disabled. Pppoe Connections Authentication Protocol: Default is Chap Auto.

Billion BiPAC 643 Drivers Windows

Page 49 PPPoE with pass-through adapts the following method: Higher Billion BiPAC 643 gain will increase the downstream rate but it sometimes causes unstable ADSL line. It is known as Signal to Noise Ration Margin. It is the relative of DSL strength to Noise ratio. This margin is measured in decibels dB.

Billion Modem Drivers Download

Higher the dB figures better the DSL strength and better chance to get faster speed. Page 54 User Management. Choose your local time zone, click Enable and click the Apply button. You may change other configuration options for the web administration interface using Device Management options in the Advanced section of the Billion BiPAC 643. Think of your router as a dedicated computer, and Billion BiPAC 643 firmware as the software it runs.

Over time this software may be improved and Billion BiPAC 643, and your router allows you to upgrade the software it runs to take advantage of these changes. This is useful if you wish to experiment with different settings, knowing that you have a backup handy in the case of any mistakes. Restart Router Click Restart with option Current Settings to reboot your router and restore your last saved configuration. If you wish to restart the router using the factory default settings for example, after a firmware upgrade or if you have saved an incorrect configurationselect Factory Default Settings to reset to factory default settings.

You can set Billion BiPAC 643 multiple user accounts, each with their own password.

Billion BiPAC 643 Windows Vista 64-BIT

Page 60 LAN, as well as helping to prevent attacks from hackers. The preset Billion BiPAC 643 filter rules in the Packet Filter must modify accordingly to the level of Firewall, which is selected.

Default Router Passwords

No predefined rule Billion BiPAC 643 being preconfigured. Internet to LAN ; Outbound: Users-define description to identify this entry or click to select existing predefined rules. It is self-defined time period. You may specify a time schedule for your prioritization policy.

Billion BiPAC 643 your firewall to allow for a publicly accessible web server on your LAN The predefined port filter rule for HTTP TCP port 80 is the same no matter whether the firewall is set to a high, medium or low security level. You will then be presented with the predefined port filter rules screen in this case for the low security levelshown below: You may click Edit the predefined rule instead of Delete it.

This is an example to show to how you add a filter on your Billion BiPAC 643.

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If the router detects a possible attack, the source IP or destination IP address will be added to the Blacklist. Any further attempts using this IP address will be blocked for the time period specified as the Block Duration.

There are no pre-defined URL filter rules; you can add filter rules to meet your requirements. Billion BiPAC 643 the packet does not match either of the above two items, it is sent to the remote web server.

For example to block traffic to www.

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