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D-Link DWL-520D Driver

Index of /pub/Wireless/DWL+/Drivers D-Link+AirPlus++vzip, , M. [ ], D-Link+AirPlus+, , M. D-Link AirPlus DWL+ Wireless Adaptor. Doesn't work with the following Microsoft Operating Systems: Windows XP Professional x64 Edition Windows The D-Link air DWL is an IEEE b, Wi-Fi compatible wireless PCI adapter. There are multiple revisions of the DWL, each with.

D-Link DWL-520D 64Bit

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D-Link DWL-520D Driver

However, these systems have an obscuration when implemented as part D-Link DWL-520D a Michelson interferometer, and, by symmetry, cannot use phase mask, or phase mirror technology that is essential for high speed applications. Moreover, the obscuration means that any sufficiently complicated wavefront D-Link DWL-520D not be invariant i.

This is a particularly important effect if the input light is from a multimode optical fiber, where the D-Link DWL-520D is extremely complicated and where D-Link DWL-520D diffraction losses, such as occur at an obscuration, quickly alter the shape and phase of the wavefront. In addition, tolerance to front end optical wavefront errors is particularly important in controlling the cost and mass of signal collection and routing optics.

A standard flat mirror Michelson or Mach-Zehnder interferometer works well with larger fields of view and significant wavefront error only if the optical path difference within the instrument is small.

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With moderately large optical path difference for D-Link DWL-520D spectral and phase sensitivityas the field of view increases or the incident wavefront worsens, the interferogram contrast degrades. The primary problem has been increasing the optical path difference while maintaining a moderately high field of D-Link DWL-520D, without the need for an input signal with a high quality wavefront.

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Other problems include simultaneous or sequential operation at multiple wavelengths and at high speed to accommodate usual lidar light detection and ranging return signals. Still another problem is calibration of the interferometer at a high data D-Link DWL-520D without introducing additional losses. Accordingly, it would be desirable to provide an interferometer that is spectrally sensitive while simultaneously operating at high speed, with a moderate field of view, D-Link DWL-520D at multiple wavelengths, with possibly poor wavefront quality or a highly speckled multi-mode fiber input.

It would also be desirable to provide optical systems, including interferometers D-Link DWL-520D provide high contrast and resolution even with a large field of view in single pixel and imaging systems. In particular, a D-Link DWL-520D widening lens or cat's eye optical system is provided. The field widening lens provides a reimaging system such that the incident wavefront is reproduced at the exit of the optical system or at the exit of the portion of the optical system comprising the field widening lens.

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For example, the incident wavefront is reproduced at the exit of each arm of a Michelson or Mach-Zehnder interferometer incorporating the field widening lens of embodiments of the present invention. Specifically, the field widening lens reimages the input at D-Link DWL-520D output. More specifically, the output image can be a conjugate of the input image.

Therefore, in a multiple arm interferometer, the wavefront and intensity variation from each arm matches, and therefore a high contrast interference pattern is produced. In addition, the field widening mirror assembly performs angle compensation so that the D-Link DWL-520D length of rays in the field widening lens are the same over the operative field of view of the instrument or optical system, regardless of the input D-Link DWL-520D of the ray with respect to the central axis of the field of view of the D-Link DWL-520D system.

Embodiments of the present invention also eliminate the obscuration present in a conventional system incorporating a cat's eye mirror, and provide different input and output paths. A dual field widening lens assembly interferometer in accordance with at least some embodiments of the present invention includes multiple field widening lenses, each having a D-Link DWL-520D primary and a flat or powered secondary reflector.

D-Link DWL-520D

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Such a lens assembly is sometimes referred to as a cat's eye reflector. The multiple field widening lenses can comprise the arms of an unequal path length interferometer. In accordance D-Link DWL-520D other embodiments of the present invention, the field widening lenses can provide equal or symmetrical path D-Link DWL-520D, for example as part of an etalon.

In accordance with still other embodiments of the present invention, one arm or segment of an interferometer may feature a cat's eye reflector, while the other arm D-Link DWL-520D segment may D-Link DWL-520D a planar primary reflector or mirror. In general, a field widening D-Link DWL-520D in accordance with embodiments of the present invention provides an optical path difference that is zero or substantially zero for any light that is within the field of view of the optical system that includes the field widening lens.

As used herein, an optical path difference is negligible i. D-Link DWL-520D provision of a field widening lens that removes the obscuration present in conventional cat's eye systems allows the output from the field widening lens to be identical, or more nearly identical, to the input.

US7929215B1 - Field widening lens - Google Patents

For example, diffraction losses, such as occurs at an obscuration, and D-Link DWL-520D alter the mode, shape and phase of a wavefront caused by the D-Link DWL-520D, can be eliminated. In addition, by providing offset input and output ports, the design of an optical system incorporating a field widening lens in accordance with embodiments of the present invention can be simplified.

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The multiple input and output ports available using at least some embodiments of the present invention also facilitate the incorporation of the field widening lens into optical devices D-Link DWL-520D multiple inputs and outputs. Additional features and advantages of embodiments D-Link DWL-520D the present invention will become more readily apparent from the following description, particularly when taken together with the accompanying drawings. Examples of an optical system that D-Link DWL-520D incorporate a field widening lens in accordance with embodiments of the present invention include interferometers, such as Michelson interferometers, Mach-Zehnder interferometers, other interferometers used for spectrometry, and etalons.

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