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The Panasonic BT-4LH 31" 4K Production Monitor is suitable for a variety of production environments both in studio and out in the field. It features a bit. The BT-LHG is a portable, high-resolution LCD video monitor with advanced broadcasting functions. Its newly developed 23 cm (9 inches) New IPS LCD. Results 1 - 6 of 6 - Browse Panasonic Professional Monitors. Powerful mm ( inches) LCD monitor developed for field and studio applications.

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Panasonic Monitor Driver

Having a good monitor around is essential for a crew, but whatever monitor I worked with on various sets always came with the same compromise: If I wanted a lightweight, battery powered monitor that I could easily move around, then I would have to Panasonic Monitor on size, settling for a screen no bigger than 9" like Panasonic's excellent BT-LHGJ. But while that size is fine for a cameraman standing very close to the monitor, it's too small for a Panasonic Monitor, producer, client or other crew member to comfortably see from a distance.

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And if I wanted a bigger screen size starting at, say, 17"that would mean carting around a much bigger, heavier monitor, which Panasonic Monitor had to be Panasonic Monitor to a wall socket because it was so power-hungry. Recently, though, Flanders Scientific FSI and Panasonic have shipped new monitors that minimize much of the compromise between screen size and power requirements.

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You get Panasonic Monitor big picture, but with low power draws wattsso you can Panasonic Monitor the monitors for close to three hours using standard camera batteries like a 90 watt Anton Bauer Dionic HC. Super-quick set up, because there are no long cables to string over to an outlet! No worries about someone tripping over the cables and sending your precious monitor to the floor!

The Flanders Panasonic Monitor, the CMWis even more impressive in that it's also shockingly light, at only 6.

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Panasonic's monitor, the BT-LHgives Panasonic Monitor a different blend of features. You get a bigger screen, at But the monitor is 8-bit, uses slightly-better-thanP resolution xand is twice the weight of the Flanders.

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Still, the is much better suited to field use than many of the Panasonic monitors that have been very popular on sets over the years. Anyway, Panasonic Monitor had a chance to try out both monitors in real-world Panasonic Monitor, and found a few key impressions worth sharing Panasonic Monitor really have to feel the FSI's 6. You can comfortably lift the monitor out of its case and onto a light stand with one hand. Since the monitor's so light, you can put it on smaller stands instead of the cumbersome c-stands that clutter up too many sets.

It's also quicker and easier to reposition around the set. Many field monitors, including Panasonic Monitor Panasonicaren't quite as sharp, using resolutions closer to x pixels.

When you're standing a few feet away, you're not likely to tell the difference between a or panel, but if you're a cameraman who's just a foot away from the monitor, focusing on someone's eyes, you're Panasonic Monitor to see slightly finer details on the FSI's panel. It's also rare to find a bit panel in a field monitor, but the FSI offers it nonetheless along with a degree viewing Panasonic Monitor, so the picture doesn't change unless you're looking at it considerably off-center.

In certain scenarios, when you've got lots of variation in similar colors like a skythe FSI Panasonic Monitor render things Panasonic Monitor the color banding you'd see on an 8-bit panel. With more cameras shooting 10 bits these days, the FSI is likely to keep its value in the years ahead.

The FSI has a lot of other things going for it: The FSI's case isn't much larger than a briefcase. Click image for larger view. One of the things Panasonic Monitor really appreciate about the FSI is that you can order it will all the accessories you'll need beyond the monitor Panasonic Monitor. The case is especially useful because it puts a reasonable amount of rigid padding around the monitor, but also unfolds to create a big sun-blocking visor for outdoor use.

You just mount the monitor on a stand with the case Panasonic Monitor on, then unfold the leafs of the case, and secure them together with built-in Velcro watch out for wind, though! It takes about a minute to set up and then collapse again. You can order all of this when you order the monitor, and it all works great together and saves you time from having to piece accessories Panasonic Monitor after-the-fact.

A Tale of Two Field Monitors:Panasonic & Flanders Scientific

One tip for folks who Panasonic Monitor this monitor with a battery, which I think will be almost everyone: One more thing I can personally vouch for Panasonic Monitor FSI is its customer service. Since I first got my hands on the W in April, FSI has sent out beefier padding to all customers who bought the case, and also issued two firmware updates that add small but appreciated features.

I will say that this mode is not as useful as it might be. For instance, using my C, the picture doesn't look as good as the correction Canon applies on the C's own display, but at least FSI is making an effort, and they're always open Panasonic Monitor customer feedback, which I'm giving them. The 's panel is While I've always felt that 17" was a reasonably comfortable size, it's very easy Panasonic Monitor that to start feeling cramped when Panasonic Monitor got the Unfortunately, that bigger panel adds weight, bringing the monitor's weight up to Again, the Panasonic sips power like a teetotaler 22 wattsjust like the FSI, so you can drive it for about 3 hours on a typical Anton Bauer battery.

The only hitch is that you have to buy your own battery mounting plate and DC power connector, and then screw it to the back of the monitor before mounting the battery. FSI saves you some time and effort by letting you order the monitor with a battery plate already installed!.

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